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It is said that creativity is good for the soul.  Being creative with fashion is no different and there are many good fashion design jobs around.  Some of them are very well paid and there is a lot of competition from very talented people.  If you have decided that you want to work in the field of fashion, be prepared for long hours and a lot of disappointments before you make a breakthrough.   No matter how good you are, there will always be someone better.  If you target your designs at a preferred market, you will be more likely to be successful.  For example, you may like to look for fashion design jobs and fashion buying jobs which focus on the young and trendy, or on the older generation.  Much will depend on your disposition and interests.  As you go through your training, you will start to get a feel for your preference and put it into practice when you enter the work place.


Getting that first fashion design job or fashion buying job can be difficult.  You may have all of the qualifications you need, but no experience.  This is often the case in other fields, but perhaps jobs in the arts and design are more difficult to come by.  You will need to be persistent and keep sending your cv to every job which comes available which also fits your criteria.  Clearly you do not want to apply for jobs which do not really appeal to you, no matter what the salary and perks might be.  You will find openings in big corporations and small businesses.  You will need to hone your cv to suit each job you apply for.  Always do your research before attending any interview and be prepared to answer difficult questions.  You should always ask about the company and its operations and be prepared to talk with enthusiasm about your aims when you have got your fashion design job or fashion buying job.


Once you have got your foot in the door at whatever size or type of company, strive to be the best you can be.  Keep up to date with trends and try to foresee changes in tastes and trends.  This can be difficult to spot, but you will be able to do it with experience.  If you are in a fashion design job, it is very important to keep one step ahead of what people might like and do your drawings and prototypes accordingly.  Check out trends abroad.  Italy and France are the favourites for the fashion field and there are big shows in Rome and Paris as well as London.  Keeping up with the Jones´s is definitely beneficial in the world of fashion – and even getting ahead of them.  If your company is small, it may not be able to afford to attend the big shows, but there will be other opportunities to show your work and make an impact.  One of the most important things is that you have fun… fashion is a fun subject!


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When are women the most receptive to meeting a guy? Meybe on internet: incontrissimi, lovepedia, nirvam and so on…  When they least expect it. Call it cynicism, being jaded, or general human suspicion, but women are most guarded precisely when they know men are on the hunt.

Of course, you can get lucky on a Saturday night in a crowded downtown bar, but the odds are against it. Unless you’re particularly good-looking, stylish, funny or charming, you’re not going to “out-compete” the other guys in line. A typical “meat-market” is really a poor place to encounter a female because it’s a competitive situation. This means you’ll have to impress the female more than other guys do. If you’re naturally an alpha-male, then go for it. You probably don’t need tips though, and you’re certainly not going to a bar to meet your girls – they’ll be coming to you.

For the average dude, though, a non-competitive environment is best to attract women. Time of day is probably the best indicator of a woman’s receptiveness. Approaching her before noon is doable, but somehow it doesn’t work that well (in my experience). Maybe it’s because I get up late and I’m groggy. But, I do think a working woman has a certain “getting things done” mentality in the morning. This makes her unreceptive as she’s focused on accomplishing her daily tasks. Approaching a woman on the street too late can also be weird, because she’s fearful. If it’s dark, the rule of thumb is let her go. You’ll have an uphill battle trying to convince her you’re a legitimate guy. I find the best hours are maybe two in the afternoon till twilight, which depending on time of year and daylight’s savings time, can be any time between five and eight-thirty. Of course, the night restriction doesn’t apply if you’re saying hi in a well-lit venue like a café or grocery store. Still, that golden afternoon/dusk window seems to work best for meet and greets.

Time of day also has a bearing on when you send texts. If you’re planning on hooking her that evening, send the text late afternoon or near rush hour. That way, she is mentally already into “evening mode” and she’s contemplating her night. If she’s open, maybe she’s a bit desperate for something to do and will more likely agree to plans on your terms. If she’s already booked, then she’ll probably suggest another night. Avoid texting for plans too early in the day or morning because a) it makes you look desperate and b) you become the default plan for the night as she contemplates “better” plans with which to displace you.

Lastly, time of day figures into your first “date.” Keep in mind that if you want to sleep with a woman right off, a lot of time with her may work against you. Women will tell you that more time together is better because they can “get to know you.” They will claim to become more comfortable with you, etc. Well, that’s true, only if they really like you. And if women find you irresistible and want to spend lots of time with you, stop reading this article. It isn’t for you. The point is that of ten guys whom a woman agrees to date, only one will ultimately meet her standards (whatever those are) and the other nine will be summarily discarded. This is the brutal truth of the dating world. Giving her lots of time to make this decision will usually work against you.

How does this relate to “Time of Day”? Well, scheduling the first drink or first meeting late at night compresses the timeline of the date. If you meet at 9 or 10, she still gets her night with you, but you both are time-constrained. She’ll have to collapse her usual judgmental practices and may have to hook up with you while she’s still determining whether she likes you or not. She’ll probably go with it, women being the indecisive beasts they are.

Alpha males

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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most popular festival and people wait for the festival because they get chance to wear different kind of costume. People do find it special to wear unique Halloween costumes on the occasion. There are competition related to the costumes on the Halloween day and the one who wears best costumes wins the award. Before awarding any particular person many factors are considered like the religion or values.

Costumes need to be decided by an individual and once you decide with your portray then you go move on and start choosing the best costume for you. The themes can be scary, sexy or spooky according to your wish. The themes can be represented by many costumes like: it can be a ghost look, Elvis look alike, evil emperors, animals, pirates, etc. But there should be kind of originality and uniqueness in your theme in order to get praised. You can easily achieve the type of quality by wearing the costumes of werewolves, vampires and lycans. If the theme of the party is scary then you have the option to wear the costumes of zombie’s, dangerous animals or ghosts. There can also be the themes like seventy’s or eighty’s for which you need to wear clothes of that particular era and look like them. You can be cartoon characters or may be the superheroes like superman, batman or ironman. So, these all things purely depend on your wish and you have it decide your costume and theme which should be more original and creative because unique costumes are praised everywhere. While buying the costume you should also not buy expensive clothes because we all know the clothes we are buying is to be worn just for a day after which it would be kept aside for the next year.

How to Stretch Your Shoes Out For the Perfect Fit

Shoes are really important for a woman. We always go shopping for clothes and shoes. Sometimes it is the last pair of a specific pair of shoes that the department store has. It might be a half size to small or too big, but we always say it fits well. After we purchase it and take it home is when we realize it might have been a little to snug at our fingers tips or towards the middle. We get so disappointed that we decide not to wear them for a while.

We always look forward to that day when we will be able to fit them. There is a couple of ways to make your shoes bigger. We can take them to a shoe repair shop. But, if you take them there just know that you will be paying quite a few dollars. Instead of that being your first resort we will show you one way to expand your snug shoes.

This method is really easy and anyone can do it. Some of the materials you will need are a plastic sandwich bag, water and your shoe. These materials are really important to have in order to achieve your goal. Make sure that putting your shoes in the freezer is ok with your family. This process will help your shoes expand so they won’t be tight anymore. Also, it will help your shoes grow like half a size or even one whole size.

To get started we will need to grab our plastic bag and fill it with water. Make sure you take all the air out of your bag and zip it. Hold the bag up and make sure it’s not licking as you do not want your shoe to get all wet. Grab your shoe and place the Ziploc bag in the shoe. Make sure that the Ziploc bag is all the way in the front of the shoe. After you insure it is place the shoe in the freezer. Let the shoe in the freezer overnight and take it out in the morning. When you take the shoe out let it sit for about 30 minutes for the ice to melt or as soon as you can take the bag out.

Now that you have finished, try your shoe on and it should fit perfectly. If it is still a little too tight repeat the steps again till you feel your shoe comfortable. Remember to check the bag for any drips and secure it tightly. This process only takes about ten minutes and it is not hard at all. Enjoy your new comfortable shoes. Till next time!

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Summer Nail Designs 2013

Fascinating and Amazing Summer Nail Designs 2013

On women’s appearance, nails play an imperative function. Not just they can create your hands glitter, yet they can truly prove that you think about your appearances. Dazzling, colored nails are an enormous fashion for this spring or summer. The great thing about nail designs is that you don’t have to put fake nails in order to get it. You can ideally allow your nails grow a bit as a result the design appears fuller.

There are most stunning nail designs for you all to get motivated and perhaps adore with one of these designs. There are now plenty of colors available of nail paints since currently fashion world is subsequently huge and all-comprehensive and as well raising gradually. You can utilize them actual artistically and achieve designs on your nails to get satisfaction and be tolerable. You can use 2 or 3 nail paint to achieve designs are included as you desire.

You can apply red on white nail paint or vice versa. Or you would utilize red and blush nail paint designs for daring and warmth. Consequently, there is a full profusion of nail paint designs. It only relies on your awareness that how creative you are or for your prosperity. You can view various designs online or you can choose the concept from them. Several nail designs develop the charm of women to a few additional levels.

Are you one of those who ardently for nail arts? There is a tremendous compilation of nail art paradigms to arouse you for your next set of nail designs. You can select some of the finest ones even for particular events such as baby pink, cool design, tree design, pastel colors, red shiny, tiger design, glitter design, white on red, shiny nail paint, spots paint. The nail design as it sounds gets to draw the interest of women. The fashion could simply be taking place with all the array of colors and designs on nails. It’s more than a confirmation how incredibly imaginative artists can be in several ways with the vast quantity of designs. With this kind of art, sophistication and beauty counts.

English: red nails

English: red nails (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nail art

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